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UK network teleconference, 24th November 2015 at 2pm 
by Will StevensNo presence information
 03/11/2015 10:34

The CDISC UK Network Committee would like to invite you to a teleconference on Tuesday 24th November 2015. Please send your email address to to sign up for this event by the 20th November 2015. Details on how to join this event...

UK network teleconference, 24th September 2015 at 2pm 
by Will StevensNo presence information
 11/09/2015 16:39

​The CDISC UK network are holding a teleconference on 24th September 2015 at 2pm to answer some of the questions that arose during the breakout sessions at the face to face meeting in Reading on 23rd June. You are welcome to attend the teleconference...

Notes form the Breakout Sessions at the face to face meeting on 23rd June 2015Attachment 
by Will StevensNo presence information
 06/08/2015 17:40

​Attached to this announcement are the notes from the four breakout sessions. This file is also available in the 'Face to Face & Teleconferences' section of this site.

Slides from the face to face meeting on 23rd June 2015Attachment 
by Will StevensNo presence information
 26/06/2015 19:59

​The slides from the face to face meeting in Reading on 23rd June 2015 are attached to this announcement. These are also available in the 'Face to Face & Teleconferences' section of this site, along with material from all previous meetings and teleconferences....


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 Face to Face & Teleconferences

Folder: 2015 09 24 - UK Network TC
28/09/2015 21:04No presence informationphouston
Folder: 2015 06 23 - UK Network Face to Face
26/06/2015 19:52No presence informationWill Stevens
Folder: 2015 03 17 - TC ; It's about Time! An ADTTE Case Study
13/04/2015 15:34No presence informationWill Stevens
Folder: 2014 06 24 - TC; A Systemic Review of ADaM IG Interpretation
26/06/2014 21:25No presence informationJenny Griffiths
Folder: 2013 04 30 - TC; Introducing the Transcelerate Biopharma Initiative
02/05/2013 09:03No presence informationacantrell
Folder: 2012 11 15 - ESUG Face to Face ; CDISC Past, Present and Future
09/10/2012 09:47No presence informationrdolphin
Folder: 2012 09 12 - TC ; CDISC SHARE
06/09/2012 11:53No presence informationrdolphin
Folder: 2012 03 22 - TC ; Define.xml
20/03/2012 17:31No presence informationrdolphin
Folder: 2011 07 26 - TC Trial Design
22/07/2011 14:28No presence informationacantrell
Folder: 2011 03 22 - TC CDISC SHARE
21/03/2011 08:15No presence informationsbishop
Folder: 2011 05 17 - ESUG Face to Face; Problems of and Solutions for the CDISC Standards
23/01/2011 20:11No presence informationacantrell
Folder: 2010 12 09 - ESUG Face to Face ; Practical Experience and Application of CDISC Standards
22/11/2010 12:08No presence informationrdolphin
Folder: 2010 09 30 - TC - Traceability btw SDTM and AdaM ; CDISC Data Standards Validation
04/10/2010 17:28No presence informationvmartin
Folder: 2010 07 13 - ESUG Face to Face ; Practical Use of the CDISC Standards - From Define to AdaM
05/07/2010 08:14No presence informationrdolphin
Folder: 2009 05 27 - ESUG Face to Face ; Metadata use in an end-to-end process
11/06/2010 09:26No presence informationrdolphin
Folder: 2010 05 27 - TC ; Define.xml
27/05/2010 17:13No presence informationvmartin
Folder: 2009 10 12 - ESUG Face to Face ; Implemeting CDISC Standards from protocol to p-value
04/01/2010 16:37No presence informationvmartin
Folder: 2009 09 17  - TC HL7 and the link to CDISC
16/09/2009 12:19No presence informationshawken
Folder: 2009 07 23 - TC ; Controlled Terminology
24/07/2009 15:23No presence informationvmartin
Folder: 2008 12 15 - ESUG Face to Face ; CDISC exchange and ADaM
20/04/2009 08:36No presence informationvmartin
Folder: 2007 11 22 - TC ; SDTM, ADaM and their relationships
06/04/2009 13:26No presence informationvmartin
Folder: 2008 07 10 - TC; Practical implementations of the Trial Design Modules (TDM) in SDTM
06/04/2009 13:23No presence informationvmartin
Folder: 2009 03 19 - TC ; Overview of CDISC Metadata
06/04/2009 13:23No presence informationvmartin
Folder: 2009 01 21 - TC ; Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization (CDASH) Overview
06/04/2009 13:22No presence informationvmartin
Folder: 2008 03 13 - ESUG Face to Face ; CDISC Overview including details about SDTM and ADaM
06/04/2009 13:21No presence informationvmartin
Folder: 2007 10 24 - ESUG Face to Face ; Opening meeting and End-to-end overview
06/04/2009 13:20No presence informationvmartin

 CDISC UK Network Logo

CDISC UK Network Logo

The UK Network aims to  facilitate the sharing of information and experiences, and enable discussion and knowledge transfer of CDISC standards amongst the English speaking community.

Interested in becoming a member of the UK Network? There is no cost associated with becoming a member. All our meetings are free.

To join please email

After receiving your personal data, we will come back to you shortly.   Thank you very much for your interest in joining us!



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